Whether a patient is injured, seeking to improve their general health and conditioning in post operative recovery, or has a physical function that is not working as it should, physical therapy can enhance achievement, speed recovery, and give patients the needed skills and information which can make a difference in the healing process.

"Pacific Physical Therapy has created an exercise program for me that I have enjoyed for over a year. During this time I have doubled my aerobic time and doubled some of the weights that I am using. This improvement in my stamina and strength made it possible for me to enjoy a bicycle tour in France. I have appreciated the quality of the staff and the quality of the surroundings at PPT.
(It also fits my budget!)"
pat lacey
Loves to Walk
"I sustained my knee injury in south Africa while jumping off a 75 ft cliff into the sea. Upon impact with the water, I tore my ligament and bruised the knee bone. The pain was piercing and sharp. And I knew my surf trip had ended. I was completely devastated and afraid for my future. When I returned to the states I began physical therapy in 3 weeks at Pacific Physical Therapy. The therapists' patience and knowledge kept my spirits up and my progress accelerated. Every workout I would ask, "When can I surf?" The unknown answer was nearly unbearable. However, one thing remained constant--my knee was getting stronger.

After only 2 months I was back in the water. I kept up PT for another 2 months to ensure I didn't re-injure myself. I know my progress would have been much slower without physical therapy. Coupled with acupuncture, PT and a good diet I am as good as new."
sara white
Our work hardening program simulated Joel's actual work activity. After a jobsite assessment by our physical therapist, we re-created Joel's job tasks here at our facility. Joel "came to work" and performed his regular duties, gradually building his strength in a safe atmosphere until he was ready to return to work. For those who rely on physical strength and agility in the workplace, physical therapy can put you back on the job quicker and keep you there in greater comfort. Preventing reinjury is a vital part of the Work Hardening Program. Our therapists train workers to accustom their body to the level of strength and range of motion needed in the course of their workday. Ergonomic assessments can dramatically improve an officeworkers workspace. Our goal is for workers to feel enjoyment in the physical demands of their work and the satisfaciton of being able to perform tasks efficiently.
joal marshall
Returns to work
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