Physical therapy can enhance athletic achievement, speed recovery, and give patients the needed skills and information which can make the difference in the process of healing. Whether you are injured, recovering from surgery, or seeking to improve your general condition, we are uniquely qualified to provide the services you need.

Physical Therapy Programs at Our Facility:

• Orthopedic Outpatient
• Post Operative Recovery
• Sports Injury Recovery
• Joint, Neck, and Back Programs
• Work Hardening
• Women’s Health including Pregnancy Program & Incontinence and Pelvic Pain
• Fitness Program with Certified Personal Trainer on Staff
• Geriatric Conditioning and Strengthening
• Osteoporosis Therapy
• Stroke and Other Neurological Recovery


Get Fit and Stay Fit!

 When you enroll in our Fitness Program, this entitles you to complete use of our facilities, conveniently located at the Boatyard Shopping Center. We offer training for flexibility, aerobics and muscle strength. We have top-of-the-line circuit training equipment, Nordic Track, stairstep machine, lifecycle bikes, and much more. We also offer convenient lockers and shower. 

Supervised by trained medical professionals, we feel this unique program is the ideal solution to getting fit and staying fit! Stop by any time to take a closer look.

Hours: Open Monday thru Friday–7:30am to 6:30 pm
 Saturday–9am to 2pm

Membership Fees

$40 per month
 or $30 per month age 60 or older
 $30 EACH per month if you join with a friend
 $10 HOLD fee if you plan to be gone for a full month
(1st thru the end of month only please). 

Required Fitness Evaluation
 $99 includes up to two one-hour sessions with our fitness trainer. 
This fee is waived for current patients who need no evaluation or additional assistance and can go directly from therapy into The Fitness Program. 
Personal Training $99 per hour


    •    Biofeedback is the process of using instruments to help you develop the ability to identify when and where in your body you are holding the muscle tension that can contribute to your particular pain cycle.
    •    We use biofeedback instruments to teach stress management and relaxation techniques and to demonstrate the effects that life’s stressors have on the physical systems.
    •    The equipment acts like an electronic mirror. It measures your tension levels, your skin temperature, and your respiration rate. The measurements are recorded and fed back to you visually so that you can change the readings in the desired direction.
    •    The training helps you become more physically aware so that you will be able to take previously unrecognized information about your body and use it to modify or change your present patterns.
    •    With practice you will learn to catch and correct conditioned tensions and bad habit patterns, including posture, so that your body will remain more naturally relaxed throughout the day.

Biofeedback and Incontinence

    •    Do you ever leak urine…when you sneeze, cough, laugh or jump? Do you ever have sudden urges to urinate and sometimes are not sure you will make it to the bathroom in time? Do you ever wonder if there is help available? Ask your doctor if the Incontinence Biofeedback Program at Pacific Physical Therapy is right for you. If your physician feels this program is appropriate for you, then this may be the help you are looking for.

Other diagnosis treated successfully with biofeedback include:
    •    Hypertension
    •    Chronic Pain
    •    TMJ
    •    Anxiety
    •    Stress
    •    Migraines
    •    Cardiovascular Problems
    •    Respiratory Problems

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