With six treatment rooms, state of the art technology and full-sized gym with circuit training equipment, our facility is equipped to provide the healing atmosphere you expect. Our gym equipment is uniquely designed to be used for both physical therapy and sports workouts, providing the flexibility to adjust to a wide range of body sizes and capabilities.


Physical therapy can enhance athletic achievement, speed recovery, and give patients the needed skills and information which can make the difference in the process of healing. Whether you are injured, recovering from surgery, or seeking to improve your general condition, we are uniquely qualified to provide the services you need.


Our women’s program addresses a woman’s changing health needs as she moves through her life. It includes a focus on athletics, healthy pregnancy, and menopause. We will work with you to alleviate the discomforts of pelvic pain, incontinence, and osteoporosis. Biofeedback is a particularly effective tool for treating incontinence and is available for both men and women.

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